Helping out: Verna Butterfield, Norma Latham, Alison Hill, Tannika Rodrigues, Jennifer Marks. *Photo supplied
Helping out: Verna Butterfield, Norma Latham, Alison Hill, Tannika Rodrigues, Jennifer Marks. *Photo supplied

The Argus Group today announces it has made a donation to Meals on Wheels to provide additional support to the programme.

Meals on Wheels, a registered charity, delivers meals four days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – to 200 people island-wide. The charity’s mission is to provide nourishing meals for people who cannot and, in some cases, do not prepare proper meals for themselves. Meals on Wheels also provides food for people upon release from hospital if they experience difficulty preparing their own meals. Sixty per cent of the recipients pay a nominal fee for the food, while forty per cent of clients receive the meals at no-charge.

Most of the meals are delivered to seniors who cannot cook for themselves. The recipients of the meals enjoy a variety of food that complies with their dietary restrictions. In addition to receiving meals, the home delivery also serves as a reassuring daytime check on the client.

The meals are prepared in the charity’s own purpose-built kitchen on a daily basis and then delivered to a cross-section of residents throughout the island. Referrals for the programme come from doctors, medical social workers, welfare officers, PALS and family members. Argus’ donation will go towards the ongoing maintenance of this important programme.

Tannika Rodrigues, Client Manager, Meals on Wheels, says: “We would like to thank the Argus Group for their donation towards our programme. We are very appreciative for Argus’ support, especially during these difficult economic times. Meals on Wheels is an important part of the community and the demand for meals is increasing. We appreciate all the assistance that is given, as it helps us to continue to support those in need.”

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer, The Argus Group, says: “Meals on Wheels plays an important role in Bermuda, by providing food for those in the community who are unable to cook for themselves. At Argus, we are passionate about  giving back to our community and helping charities like Meals on Wheels as they continue to provide healthy and nourishing meals to those most in need..”