MONDAY, JAN. 16: BermudaFirst commends Premier Cox for the recently enacted Incentives for Job Makers Act.

Our message to all stakeholders has been consistent and clear. We must embrace international business as the key contributor to Bermuda’s economy. We must review and more importantly, action changes to our policies relating to work permits, residency, landholding, tourism and foreign investment in light of the current climate and realities we are facing.

It should now be clear to all stakeholders that we are no longer living and operating in a ‘business as usual’ environment. Our Government has some tough decisions ahead and Bermuda’s business, third sector and community at large must be bold enough to galvanise around the urgent decisions required to do what is best for Bermuda’s long-term regrowth, stability and prosperity.

The Incentives for Job Makers Act is an example of taking action on an area where change is required.  It is one of the many necessary and positive steps that will send the message that Bermuda is not only open for business, but truly welcomes those individuals and organisations who are committed to creating jobs and enhancing the economic stability of our Country.

There is power in consultation and collaboration. The future of our economy and the stability of our social system and way of life is at stake and dependent upon it. Premier Cox showed the courage to raise this matter for public debate and Parliamentary vote. Feedback was provided and integrated into the final legislation. There is more work to be done and the momentum of positive change must continue. Doing so will result in a stronger, more stable Bermuda for Bermudians.


About BermudaFirst
BermudaFirst is a collective of business, sector and Government leaders who came together (beginning in 2008), principally as a THINK TANK, to track the landscape of threats and opportunities in order that we might collectively respond, protect and extend Bermuda’s economic miracle. BermudaFirst is a public/private, bipartisan forum led by Co-Chairs: The Hon. Paula Cox, JP, MP ~ Premier and Minister of Finance; Craig Cannonier, JP, MP ~ Leader of the Opposition; Don Kramer ~ Chairman, ILS Limited; Gil Tucker ~ Partner of Ernst & Young and Peter Durhager ~ Executive Vice President of RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. Over 70 men and women representing all sectors of Bermuda are currently working together to secure the future of Bermuda and her people.