Visit: The Norwegian Dawn and her 2,400 passengers will arrive in Dockyard today.
Visit: The Norwegian Dawn and her 2,400 passengers will arrive in Dockyard today.
Expect the shops to be full to bursting and the streets to be alive with the chatter of eager tourists this week.

It is a frantic few days with more than 12,000 holidaymakers arriving on the island on cruise liners.

Six spectacular ships from across the east coast of America will dock on the island in just six days.

The Norwegian Dawn and her cargo of around 2,400 passengers will lead the way, stopping in Dockyard at 9am today.

Just a few hours later the Silver Cloud pulls into Hamilton. It is the first and only time the luxury liner will visit Bermuda this year.

Being one of the smaller cruises and carrying just a few hundred passengers, she is one of the few that can travel into the capital.

The Silver Cloud stays just over 24 hours before heading down to San Juan in Puerto Rico.

On Saturday, another ­occasional visitor, the ­Jewel of the Seas, arrives from Boston and pulls in to Dockyard.


The giant liner, which is capable of carrying 2,100 passengers, only travels to Bermuda twice a year and this is her last voyage here of 2009.

Monday sees the arrival of three more cruise liners.

First in at 8am is the Caribbean Princess, which will bring 3,100 tourists to the west end.

She will stay at Dockyard for just one day before ­returning to New York at 5pm. Next in to the same port is the ­Explorer of the Seas, ­coming out of Cape Liberty in New York.

Finally, at 1pm, the ­Norwegian Majesty arrives in St George's on her last voyage of the year from Philadelphia. Meanwhile, it's business as usual for the island's ­container ships.

The Oleander assumed its normal position at ­Hamilton dockside on ­Sunday afternoon with its cargo of food supplies and four flatbed lorries of ­construction materials.

She was supposed to bring cattle and horses but stormy seas resulted in the livestock container being delayed a week. Repairs to the ramp in New York means the ­Oleander will ­return to Bermuda next Monday rather than on Sunday.

Yesterday, LPG Odergas arrived in St George's with 25,000 barrels of propane liquid gas.

The gas tanker siphoned off 9,000 barrels in ­Bermuda before continuing on its Caribbean island-hopping intinery.


The Bermuda Islander pulls into Hamilton ­tomorrow with a few ­unusual travellers - two cows and a horse.

The ­cattle will join a dairy herd and provide milk.

The Somers Isles leaves Fernandina Beach in ­Florida on Friday and will drop anchor in Hamilton on Tuesday.