CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bill Hanbury *File photo
CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bill Hanbury *File photo

Most of the Bermuda-based employees with the Bermuda Department of Tourism will not be working for the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

An announcement yesterday by the BTA said it is in final employment discussions with 15 BDOT staff regarding job offers.

In the Bermuda office, 10 members of the BDOT team applied for positions at the BTA, two subsequently withdrew and the BTA has now finalized discussions with three of them. 

Those that were not successful were advised to meet with the Government Human Resources (HR) Department.

The BTA said it believes that most, if not all, of those individuals have now been successful in securing positions elsewhere.

In New York, 15 individuals applied for positions and the BTA has completed discussions with 12 of them. 


The three staff not given offers have been encouraged to make contact with the Government HR Department.

CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bill Hanbury, said in a release: “It’s exciting to have offered positions to a number of BDOT staff. Staff are the lifeblood of any organisation and as the new employees come on board, we will be able to increase our activities and get to work. There is much to do and we look forward to welcoming our new colleagues to the organisation. 

“It would be inappropriate to make any comment on the status of the individual discussions or arrangements.”

The BTA has begun to advertise positions that were not offered to BDOT staff and interviews have already begun. 

Mr. Hanbury adds: “We are pleased with the number and quality of Bermudian applicants for various positions within the BTA. Clearly many Bermudians are sharing the excitement of the future with us.”