COMMUNITY Affairs and Sport Minister Randy Horton said CURE will start asking about gender in its surveys.

ãThere are always gender issues,ä he said. ãWe must understand and appreciate really what womenâs issues are and what theyâre saying.ä

Currently the CURE surveys only deal with questions involving race. There were complaints that women were excluded from that survey as women felt that had not yet broken through the glass ceiling.

Horton said: ãWeâre hoping to get that kind of information. I have my perception of what is true. What this will do is give us hard information if there is a ceiling or not.ä

He added that there has been a perception that black females have been able to ascend the corporate ladder faster than black males. Mr. Horton said the new survey would be able to ascertain if that was true.

He added the gender questions may not be in the next survey, but ãit will certainly be an initiative that Iâll be working hard to bring