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*Photo supplied

Lili Bermuda has launched its newest fragrance, Calypso.

Perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone said it took her two years to create the fresh scent after many tweaks and tests.

The launch was held at AS Coopers today. It is the first fragrance from Lili Bermuda in the past two years.

Describing the fragrance, Ms Ramsay-Brackstone said: “Calypso is fresh, dynamic and youthful, a fruity fusion of Bermuda scents, part of our unisex ‘Water Collections’ alongside South Water and Fresh Water.

“People who are open minded, easy going and passionate about a life of freedom and expression will cherish Calypso.

“With intrinsically Bermudian scents of loquats, seagrass and neroli, this fragrance is universal, well-suited for spring and summer celebrations like sunset cruises, open air concerts and mostly, our beloved Cup Match.”

Speaking on the process of developing a fragrance, Ms Ramsay-Brackstone said: “I have been working for two years on Calypso. Making a fragrance is so much more than the fragrance.

“It’s also naming it, the packaging. It’s to make sure that the whole story is completely harmonious.

“We tweak it and find its colours and image. It’s a very long process.”

She continued: “We don’t choose when we launch a fragrance. It’s ready when it’s ready.

“I would very much like to launch them early in the summer.”

Ms Ramsay-Brackstone said she loves the scent of orange and decided to pair it with loquat and seagrass for uniquely Bermuda scent.

Once you have the scents down, that’s when the tweaking starts, she said.

“From there, it’s like music. You just make alterations.

‘You keep smelling it and refining until you feel like you have got it.

“I try it on my skin, the kids skin, ask ‘do you like it, what do you think it’s missing’.

“And when you’re ready, you know it.”

Calypso retails for $65 and is available exclusively though The Bermuda Perfumery and AS Coopers.

On Wednesday, there will be a unique shopping opportunity where customers who visit AS Coopers main store from 12:30pm until 2pm will receive a travel-sized atomizer and full size body lotion with the purchase of Calypso.

Ms Ramsay-Brackstone will be in attendance.