Welcome to the weekly Q&A to keep you up-to-date on developments at the new Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA). 

What is the Project Management Office?

The Project Management Office (PMO) was set up in August 2014 by the Executive Steering Committee (ESC) of the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA). The ESC is the acting Chief Executive Office until the CEO is appointed and on board and the PMO acts on their behalf to get things done. In short, the PMO is responsible for handling the details of the transition to the new Authority. 

The PMO has been working on creating the organisational structure under direction of the ESC, retaining vendors for PR, IT, legal, accounting, etc. to handle all aspects of the transition. It is now working on designing the delivery of the new offices of the BTA and helping on board the new team. 

There are currently three people in the PMO . They have established an office for the BTA and will continue to progress activity on behalf of the ESC until the CEO and sufficient staff are in place to take over on a more permanent basis. The PMO will then cease to exist. 

Source: Bermuda Tourism Authority