ETHAN Denny is a nurse and, if youâre like most people, you would identify him as a male nurse.

Nursing used to be dominated by women, but today a

number of male nurses are putting on the scrubs at the King Edward Memorial Hospital.

A native of Guyana, Mr. Denny is the only male nurse at the hospitalâs Continuing Care Unit and, although he works mostly with women, Mr. Denny sees himself as a team player. ãThereâs no separation here, we work as a team,ä he said.

ãSome people might feel that itâs a female job, but itâs necessary to have male nurses, particularly in the emergency room.ä

Attracted by the job opportunities, Mr. Denny came to Bermuda after completing his training in Guyana.

ãEvery day Iâm learning, and thatâs what I love about this profession,ä he said. ãItâs fascinating to learn about the human body and see how it works physically and psychologically.ä

Mr. Denny said nursing is a flexible profession since he is able to train in different areas. In the future his dream is to work as a community nurse.

Dressed in a pair of blue scrubs, another male nurse, Montgomery Croker, has just finished assisting with a back surgery. Affectionately referred to as ãMontyä by fellow nurses, Mr. Croker said the profession is opening its doors to men.

ãAll over the world there are less males to females, but itâs slowly on the increase. Back in Guyana people would say itâs a ladyâs job, but thatâs changing, weâre getting there.ä

Mr. Croker explained that in the past, men were not admitted to certain areas like the maternity ward, but now itâs common to see male nurses working and training there.

ãIt helps us to feel empathy for what the women are going through,ä he said.

Mr. Croker began nursing with the Red Cross and now describes it as a way of life. ãItâs a stressful job, and the pay is not great, but someoneâs got to do it. If I had to train all over again, I would do it regardless of the ups and downs. I love helping people.ä

He encourages men to consider nursing as a career and to challenge the stereotypes.

ãI would let them know itâs not a walk in the park and warn them that nursing requires a great deal of dedication and professionalism,ä he said.

One day Mr. Croker hopes to become a doctor and is working hard to save money for medical school. ãIâm dreaming big,ä he said.