Bill Hanbury is CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. *File photo
Bill Hanbury is CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. *File photo

Welcome to our weekly Q&A to keep you up-to-date on developments at the new Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA). 

The National Tourism Plan is core to setting the priorities of the BTA. It will be reviewed continually and modified to meet changing circumstances. It will always give the BTA targets for the future and help steer Bermuda towards success in tourism. A summary of the National Tourism Plan is available on the BTA website at

Here are five areas of focus:

Global Governance: This will address policy, investment attraction and facilitation, public-private partnerships for tourism development and safety and security. The governance model requires strategic and operational support, increased inter-ministerial collaboration and a public-private partnership. As part of this process, we have already created the BTA — independent from political influence — and have transitioned from a government department.

Sales and Marketing: This will include sales and marketing strategy and implementation under the direction of the new Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. This will encompass the development of a strategic sales and marketing plan, branding and positioning, local awareness and sales. We are in the process of identifying a candidate for this vital role and it will be filled by a highly qualified and experienced expert.

Product Development: This aspect will develop the “right experiences” through seven tourism products, plus luxury events and groups sectors. The seven identified tourism products are:

Cultural tourism

• Business and meetings, incentive, conferences and events (also called MICE)

• Sports tourism

• Leisure and entertainment

• Nautical tourism

• Eco-beach and nature 

• Cruise tourism

The presentation of the tourism products will be organized into five distinct tourism hubs on the island:

St George and St. David’s, City of Hamilton, South Shore Bermuda, Royal Naval Dockyard, Offshore Bermuda

Total Quality Management: Quality is essential to reestablishing the long-term attractiveness of Bermuda to visitors. We need to be able to guarantee the quality of both the physical infrastructure and the service. We must create value for our visitors with minimum standards of service. We will restore the pride associated with working in the Bermudian tourism industry. Everyone can and must be a steward of tourism.

Infrastructure Programme: This will ensure that the infrastructure is in place to accommodate and appropriately service visitors to our Island. This includes water management, non-renewable resources management, transportation and resource management.

This Plan is the framework from which the BTA will work. It is important that we live and breathe these objectives to achieve our goals for the re-emergence of Bermuda as a world-class tourist destination resulting in more jobs and more opportunities. We look forward to working with ALL of Bermuda to make this happen. 

Bill Hanbury is CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority