Paradise Games *File photo
Paradise Games *File photo

Police have rejected allegations by the PLP that a new betting shop run by their leader, Marc Bean, was unfairly targeted for legal checks.

In a statement released yesterday, the PLP suggested ‘community intelligence’ from OBA Cabinet ministers led police to look into the Court Street operation of Paradise Games. 

The statement made accusations of ‘dictator-style’ tactics and ‘political interference and persecution’. It did not mince words and authorities, including Government  House, the OBA and the DPP came in for criticism.


Mr Bean’s betting shop came under the spotlight when The Royal Gazette wrote about it this week (see story here).

Now the PLP says: “The recent action taken by the Bermuda Police Service and the DPP in relation to Paradise Gaming have created a politically untenable situation that raises questions about political interference and abuse of power.”

The PLP suggests police top brass were not aware of the visit to Paradise Games until after the fact.

The PLP statement continues:  “About two hours prior to the police attending Paradise Gaming, PLP Senator Marc Daniels was searched by a police officer based on ‘community intelligence’ that a client of his had been threatened.  Later, the BPS described it as a ‘misunderstanding’. Interesting, considering the timing.”

Calls to Government House were not returned before deadline. The Cabinet Office declined to comment. 

‘We are apolitical’

Acting Commissioner of Police Mike Jackman said the BPS is apolitical: “I wish to assure everyone that this particular case was not directed by any political imperative.”

He explained that Officers from the Central Community Action Team have visited four betting shops in Hamilton to check compliance with Section 2 of The Lotteries Act 1944: “Those findings have been communicated to the DPP and the Bermuda Police Service is taking legal advice on whether or not any offences have been disclosed at any of the businesses.

“I also acknowledge that Senator Daniels was searched by our officers. This resulted from an error in judgement by a supervisor and not as a result of a directive from senior officers. 

“The officer has apologized to Senator Daniels and this was followed up by a senior officer who apologized on behalf of the Bermuda Police Service.”