*Photo by Mikaela Ian Pearman
*Photo by Mikaela Ian Pearman

Premier Craig Cannonier assured protestors today that the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre would remain open.

The protest began at Liberty Theatre and noon and more than 100 people marched onto Parliament to meet the Premier and Health Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin. Almost 5,000 people signed a petition to keep the centre open.

Protestors carried various signs and sang “We shall not be moved” and chanted “The people united will never be defeated”.

As they approached the door of the House of Assembly, the crowd called for Mr Cannonier to come and speak to them.

After hearing organiser Darlene Roger’s speech, Mr Cannonier admitted there had been an error by not consulting with the constituents in St George’s and St David’s.

He also pledged to converse with them going forward.

“We have many tough decisions but I can assure you that this wasn’t a tough decision for us to make. It’s very easy for us to look at.

“Lamb Foggo must stay open. After taking a look at the reality, I can assure you that me, the Premier will continue to have the unit open.

“The Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre will continue on. If you want to have a dialogue, we can have a dialogue.”

He continued: “As we move forward for the solution, going forward, this must be consulted and there was error in no consultation.

“As we go forward, we need to consult so that the east end is supplied with a unit that meets the needs of the people.”

Mrs Rogers spoke to Mr Cannonier on behalf of the protestors and thanked St David’s MP Lovitta Foggo for her commitment to the cause.

“Without her help, there would have been no meeting and Bermuda wouldn’t have understood our position.

“The Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre is required as much needed medical services to us in the east end,” she said.

“Because it is so important, we thought it was necessary to march today because we want you to know that our desire to make sure this urgent care centre remains open will not go away.”

Mrs Rogers said she hoped in six months, they won’t have to march again. She also presented Mr Cannonier with an envelope filled with letters written by people whose lives have been affected by the centre.

Ms Foggo also spoke and thanked the people who worked hard with the campaign and those who signed the petition.

Speaking to Mr Cannonier, she said: “There were names of people from St George’s to Somerset that did help as well. Because of their efforts, you are now holding some 4,996 signatures.”

Health Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin spoke briefly before the crowd became loud.

"I said the we would find a solution that was acceptable in a going forth basis. My first commitment was that we would ensure that an alternative option will be implemented.".


The crowd then chanted “We want Zane”, referring to shadow health minister Zane DeSilva.

Addressing the crowd, he said: “To the Premier, thank you for taking the bold step. The moment that was announced, you should have stuck your chest out an said now, but we have had to rely on you folks today to drive the massage home that we will not stand for any decision.”