Eat Well Bermuda Dietary Guidelines
Eat Well Bermuda Dietary Guidelines

In last month’s column I discussed the importance of sleep because a well-rested mind and body will help us perform at our best. I’m still working on it! 

I recently picked up a Fitbit and am now tracking my sleep. It is still a struggle to get my optimal amount each night but I’m trying!

Part of my striving for balance has been on the nutritional side. Although I generally eat fairly well, I do have my weaknesses (chocolate!) like anyone else.

On top of that, I also have some food allergies and intolerances that have limited my diet substantially in the last several years. This has sometimes led me to focus on all of the things I cannot eat, which can be overwhelming. 

However, in the last year or so, I have been looking for ways to eat healthier and have learned a lot, especially that there is a ton out there that I can eat! 

Mealtime battles

What started this recent journey were the epic battles that seemed to occur with my daughter at mealtimes in our house. 

My daughter has been a difficult eater. She took a long time to transition from purees onto meals with texture and pieces in them. 

Then, we got the “I don’t like that” response to just about anything we put in front of her. 

It was difficult not to get discouraged when I made a healthy meal for her and she ‘rejected’ it. 

However, the Natural Kids course, with nutritionist Catherine Burns, that I did last fall gave me all kinds of tips/tricks about hiding the veggies, taught me the value of proteins, calcium and the difficulty with sugar. 

Some of these things I knew already, but there was a lot I didn’t know and it was very helpful to interact in a group sharing our challenges and successes.

Eating cleanly

Using recipes and insights gained from the course, I have been steadily trying to improve the quality of our meals by trying to avoid processed foods and eating ‘cleanly’ when we can. 

Natural Kids introduced me to Lisa Leake’s food blog: 100 Days of Real Food, which started with a family who embarked on a challenge to eat meals without any processed foods for a period of 100 days. 

They have continued eating that way since and the blog shares many great recipes of old favourites but with clean and unprocessed ingredients. 

I’ve been enjoying trying out those recipes and others.

Nutrition consultation

For me, though, something still seemed to be missing. 

I still felt sluggish at times and not up to scratch despite the healthy eating. 

A couple of months ago, I decided to see Catherine for a one-to-one session to discuss my concerns, habits and work with her to find ways to improve. 

It was a great session. We identified some key areas that I needed to work on and I’ve noticed the improvements. 

For example, we discussed my water intake and I realized just how bad I am at drinking water. We set a target that I strive for each day. Now, I am logging my water intake through my Fitbit as well, which motivates me to drink more! 

The one-to-one session was a great evaluation of not only where I was but also,  practical advice on how to get to where I want to be. Nutrition is such a vital part of balance. What we put into our bodies and how we take care of them is crucial to how well we perform. 

In striving for your balance, consider if your nutrition could use a boost and if so, seek advice from a professional to get yourself on the right track! 

Jennifer Haworth is an associate with MJM Limited’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution team ( She is married and has a daughter. To send your comments or thoughts, write to Jennifer at