If you’re using Chrome, you have access to thousands of apps right at your fingertips and may not be aware of it.

The easiest way to access it is through the toolbar and click on ‘Play’.

You’ll have access to categories that Google is pushing such as ‘Play Picks’, ‘Apps to Watch’, ‘App highlights’ and ‘Editor’s choice.’

You can see what’s new in the ‘Google Play’ store under ‘New releases’ and be the first of your friends to test out a new game or app.

If you type into Google search ‘Chrome Store’ you’ll get a link to the apps to help upgrade.

There are apps that go beyond games, which will help you create a browser that’s tailored to your taste and help make you more productive. 

There are even apps to help you create apps. 

If you are running several websites, you could find Stats Checker for Google Analytics useful as it stores the info on all websites in a one-page screen. 

Categories to help you with your productivity — won’t your boss be happy? — include office applications,search and browsing tools, developer tools, creative tools and task management. 

The Utilities page will help arm you with notepads, dictionaries, calculators. There’s even an app to help you generate your own QR-Code. 

Under the Social & Communications category, there are ways to help make your social media accounts easier to use and help make your accounts less likely to get hacked.