I have multiple social media accounts across three platforms — Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter — so it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of the over 3,000 friends, followers and connections.

Cloze is an app which will allow you to combine all three in one platform. It took about 10 minutes to download and set up the three social media (SoMe) accounts as well as my main e-mail account. 

It allows you to designate ‘key people’ to ensure you don’t miss their SoMe musings. 

Cloze also sends you an e-mail with a weekly wrap of tweets and posts from your key people. If you don’t designate anyone, it will pick for you. 

Missing tweets

With Twitter it is easy to miss tweets and rather than click on four or five accounts to look at what people have said, the e-mail from Cloze gives it to you in a digestible form. 


I was able to keep up with @American_Air or John Layfield (@JCLayfield) in a readable format and was able to filter out some of the noise.

It was also great for LinkedIn. 

I’m still tweaking my key people’s list, but I have already found Cloze to be a time saver in this over-saturated information world.