Reach for the sky: Mr. Crews has invited a certified Anusara teacher to Bermuda.
Reach for the sky: Mr. Crews has invited a certified Anusara teacher to Bermuda.

Certified Anusara yoga teacher Christy Nones is to visit Bermuda to lead a three-day workshop.

Anusara means ‘flowing with grace’ — it’s a style of yoga that is meant to be fun and open and is based on a tantric philosophy. Tantric, in this case, means being open and feeling free to share anything in your life and enjoying life to the full.

Based in Miami, Ms Nones has been practising this form of yoga since 1988 and has been teaching it since 2001. A trained homeopath and long-time dancer, Ms Nones mixes her classes with “poetry, precision and playfulness”.

The three-day workshop, designed for all levels, takes place from November 5 to November 7 at the ­Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa, Paget.

All those who have signed up to the weekend sessions so far have been practitioners of yoga but all are ­welcome to attend. The event has been organized by Yoga teacher at the ­International Centre on Bermudiana Road, Todd Crews who learned his trade from Ms Nodes.

“Everything will be practiced safely, under control with assistance as needed as well,” said Mr. Crews.


“In yoga you are practising the actual postures of yoga. We’re doing the poses to reach the ultimate goal of connecting to the universe and to enlightenment.

“Christy is a fabulous teacher, she is very knowledgeable and familiar with the philosophy of Anusara. She was my trainer personally and I learned almost everything I know from her. She can express herself in a very loving and open way.”

Friday’s session is titled Finding Inspiration of the Heart and includes mixed and intermediate level practice of hip openers, ­forward bends, twists, pranayama breathing and meditation. “By doing hip openers and forward bends you can become much more grounded, much more settled,” explained Mr. Crews. “Pranayama is a breathing practice which, once you are able to come into the hip openers, forward bends and twists, you will find meditation far easier to do, it’s easier to sit easy and quietly.”

Saturday morning’s ­session titled Techniques of Artistry is designed to be more uplifting than ­Friday’s. The session ­includes mixed and intermediate level practice of standing poses, back bends and inversions. “Standing poses are generally considered the easiest poses to get into but they can be challenging to hold. They are the safest ones to get into.

“Backbends are one of the healthiest things your body can possibly do. Most people don’t do any form of back bending and their spines become more rigid as they get older — they ­become far less mobile.

“If you do back bends more often, your spine stays much younger, much more comfortable and you can gain a good amount of energy. Inversions are ­anything where your hips are above your heart such as head stands. They are a great way to reboot your circulatory system.”

Saturday afternoon’s ­session is called Techniques of Artistry, with a mixed level practice of hip openers, arm balances and twists. “You do hip openers so as to get into arm ­balancers and twists — it’s a prerequisite. Sunday will be everything you have learned through Friday and Saturday — Christy will bring it all together.

“You flow with grace, let it out and kind of rock it out — it’s generally good fun.”