BAS buys back stock

Bermuda Aviation Services purchased 8,700 shares of its own stock at $3.47644 per share. BAS is authorisied to purchase shares from time to time in the open market, or privately negotiated transactions, or block trades.

Cup Match money supply

The Bermuda Monetary Authority said the amount of Bermuda dollar notes and coin in circulation over the coming holiday weekend will be $136.9 million. This compares with a total of $130.8 million in 2011, an increase of five per cent.

The total amount of notes and coins issued to the banks by the BMA between July 1 and July 30 — the traditional pre-Cup Match period — is $15.8 million, an increase of 66 per cent from the $9.5 million from Cup Match 2011.

Cup Match and Christmas are traditionally time periods when the figures for notes and coin in circulation rise sharply. This seasonal peak is normally reversed very quickly after the holiday.

ABIC 2012 scholarship recipients

An awards luncheon was held at the Harbourfront Restaurant for the 16 winners of the Association of Bermuda International Companies scholarships.

Roy Fellowes, ABIC awards chairman, said: “ABIC is very pleased to be able to offer scholarships to those wishing to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies.

“This year is our 35th Anniversary celebrating awards to more than 500 students.

“Many of Award recipients are now in leadership positions in International Business and the infrastructure that supports it.”

The guest speaker was Mesheiah Crockwell, the head of human resources at the BMA. As a previous ABIC alumnus she encouraged the 16 award recipients to challenge themselves and to embrace the opportunity that they have been afforded by ABIC. She said: “Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that — ‘The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today’. When we consider that many of the ABIC Alumni who now hold impressive positions in our local community once sat where you sit today, this statement couldn’t be truer.”