Successful start: Natasha Osborne, Chris Lopes and Kalena Astwood  have all progressed through the Deloitte Exclusive Experience Programme to full-time positions at the firm. *Photo supplied
Successful start: Natasha Osborne, Chris Lopes and Kalena Astwood have all progressed through the Deloitte Exclusive Experience Programme to full-time positions at the firm. *Photo supplied

Deloitte provides DEEP (Deloitte Exclusive Experience Program) summer internships to Bermudians. The students have to be interested in accounting, actuarial science, technology, tax, talent and marketing. Students are hired from June through August each year in the area that aligns with the student’s major and interest. 

Three DEEP interns have progressed through the program and gone on to full-time positions at Deloitte. They discuss how the programme has benefited them and share advice for other Bermudian students. 

Chris Lopes attended MSA before graduating from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelors of business administration with a major in accounting. He currently works with SEC and captive clients at Deloitte.

Natasha Osborne graduated from Warwick Academy before studying history and accounting at McGill the University. She is currently working in Deloitte’s Alternative Investments team. 

Kalena Astwood studied at BHS before obtaining a BSc in accounting from University of Tampa and an MBA with concentration in accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management. She currently works in Deloitte’s Audit Insurance team. 

How did the DEEP internship benefit you? 

Chris: DEEP teaches interns the fundamentals of auditing and accounting and exposes them to different clients and industries. DEEP gives interns real, hands-on experience as the seniors and managers assign real audit work as opposed to monotonous administrative tasks, which students can experience in internship programmes.

Natasha: DEEP helped me create relationships with staff who have mentored me and who I continue to work with. It opened my eyes to the different areas of the company and to life at one of the world’s largest professional services firms  and also offers a chance to interact with a wide variety of Deloitte staff.

Kalena: Internships provide a learning atmosphere where people can develop your communication skills, team building, and other soft skills that you will use in the workforce. This gives you a head start, as you will already be familiar with the basic concepts before entering the workforce full time. It is also a great opportunity to show your work ethic.

What was your most memorable experience in the internship?

CL: Each year, interns work as a team on a group project and present the project to managers and partners at the end of the summer. This is a great opportunity to show what they have accomplished over the summer.

NO: The projects always provided the best experiences: one year we created a board game called “Deloitte Life” which followed your players’ career from intern to partner. We sat down with staff at every level and department in Deloitte. To this day, it has been one of the most interesting and informative experiences I’ve had at Deloitte. 

KA: The group projects are geared to challenge interns and are a fun and competitive way to apply the topics that you learn in school, while building professional bonds with your peers. 

What’s your advice to young Bermudians considering a career in this area?

CL: There has always been a shortage of qualified Bermudian accountants, and I urge students interested in this field to pursue a professional accounting designation and a career in accounting. Successfully completing the CPA program while also working full-time is difficult and demanding — but dedication and hard work pay off, and the long-term benefits and career opportunities that open up to you are endless. 

NO: Take advantage of opportunities to get a foot in the door. Attend student receptions, apply for internships and scholarships and meet people in the industry. Look past seeing accountants as just “numbers” people: what you study isn’t necessarily what you’ll be doing in the real world.