Volunteering at the BNT project at Devondale. *Photo supplied
Volunteering at the BNT project at Devondale. *Photo supplied

As part of Aon’s global mission, Aon’s company-wide service day provides colleagues with the opportunity to take time off from their work to engage in charitable activities that focus on providing assistance to organizations that empower people and serve communities at risk.

During the month of June Aon will hold its Global Annual Community Service Day where Aon colleagues will work to strengthen their communities around the world. Aon Bermuda marked their 2014 Community Service Day on Friday June 6th by serving various charitable organizations which include Keep Bermuda Beautiful, Bermuda National Trust, Eliza Doolittle Society, Women’s Hospital Auxiliary, The Salvation Army, and The Red Cross. The employees of Aon did it all from picking up trash with KBB, to sorting clothes at the Barn, and helping feed the hungry right here in Bermuda.  Cordelia Philip a summer intern at Aon who volunteered with The Eliza DoLittle Society said about the experience “You never think that people in Bermuda go hungry and to hear that it is a problem not just affecting the homeless but entire families as well was a real eye opener; It feels good to help others in the community” Over at Happy Valley Park Aon employees picked up over 50 garbage bags of garbage and help remove two large piles of debris that ranged from bikes to mattresses. Christy Corbett said “After cleaning up the park now I want to stop and pick up trash when I see it on the side of the road” Overall I had a good time and would definitely do it again”.  We also had Ben Von Obstfelder on Secondment from our Chicago office, volunteer at the BNT project at Devondale.  Despite catching poison Ivy for his efforts, he enjoyed helping the Bermuda community along with all of our volunteers. A good time was had by all.