Boiler Cluster Necklace from the Alexandra Mosher Reef Collection.
Boiler Cluster Necklace from the Alexandra Mosher Reef Collection.
Bermudian artist Alexandra Mosher creates art jewellery designs, often inspired by Bermuda’s beauty. Her collections offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings and whimsical hairpieces, as well as cuff links and pins for men. She spoke with the Bermuda Sun about the inspirations that underpin her work.

By Alexandra Mosher

So many of my friends are getting married this year and I’ve had so many requests for custom bridal jewellery. It has been a great opportunity for me to create custom jewellery for Bermuda weddings.”

I’m constantly in awe of the little nuances of Bermuda’s beauty.

Just the other night, as I was driving down Front Street I was moved to tears by the huge full moon rising up over our quaint little buildings. These are the moments that compel me to create wearable art.

It’s the little touches that make life so charming and fun!  The tiniest of details allow you to tell your unique story.  Choosing the jewels with which you will adorn yourself for your wedding day is a one of the most personal decisions you will make.”

I have been collecting exquisite gemstones with a huge variety of unusual shapes and colours from around the world, and carefully hand place each into the customized designs.

The brides I have worked with have taken great care to co-design jewellery for themselves, as well as personalised pieces as gifts for each of their bridesmaids.

Working with a bride, I get to create custom treasures for their special day.  Think of it as a creative service, and not as a product.

My favourite part of the experience is designing the metalwork and gemstones to suit each individual’s style. 

I love the weddings where the bridesmaids’ gowns fit into a harmonious colour palette, but each has a uniquely individual design.

Jewellery is such a personal expression, and unlike the dress, can be worn for years after the wedding day.

I would hope that each time your maid of honour puts on her pair of custom-made chandelier earrings, or each time your best man puts his cufflinks into crisp French cuffs, they think of your wedding day fondly. 

Imagine wedding jewellery as an enduring memory and not just an accessory. 

My jewellery is currently featured on the cover of the autumn/winter issue of Bermuda Weddings and Honeymoons. Much to my surprise, I was asked to pose as a bride for the magazine. It was a lot of fun, although I’m a bit shy in the limelight.

Raised in an academic and creative family, I developed a love for craft at a very young age, often creating sculptures out of found objects.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in visual arts and French from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.  I continued to study in jewellery design, wax carving, casting, and jewellery fabrication at the The Fashion Institute of Technology and the JCC Manhattan and Wolf Studios in Maine. 

Prior to launching my jewellery line in 2005, I showed my photography, oil paintings, and installation work in shows in Bermuda, France and the United States.

My jewellery business has also expanded internationally, and I have gathered clients in Bermuda, America, Canada and Europe.

My business received an unexpected boost when I was recently chosen as one of the British Airways & Bermuda Small Business Development Corpora-tion’s Face-2-Face Contest winners, which gave me the opportunity to travel to London to meet with internationally renowned jewellery designers as well as gallery and boutique owners and buyers.

It was an honour to have been selected as one of six Bermudian entrepreneurs to attend Global Entrepreneurship Week and meet face to face with business contacts in London.

The relationships and experiences from that voyage have changed my perspective. I think of myself as not just a jeweller but also as a business woman

I’ve always seen myself as a creative person, but this experience has shown me that I can build a business around my passion. 

But still, the most satisfying aspect is when I get to create a custom piece for people that they truly love.

One such bride was Sylvia Jones, managing director of Corporate Concierge Bermuda Ltd, who summed up all that I try to achieve.

“I worked with Alexandra to design earrings to co-ordinate with my wedding colours.

“I wanted a Bermudian design element to my wedding and Alexandra delivered beautiful jewellery beyond my expectations.

“It was my honour to present these as gifts to my bridesmaids.”

My studio offers a refreshing departure from the usual jewellery shopping experience. Tucked away off Middle Road in Warwick, it is both a comfortable meeting space and showroom where I can review designs with clients. 

In the back room is the workshop where I wield a blowtorch and a hammer to create my treasures which bloom in silver and gold, accented with vibrantly coloured gemstones, pearls or even gleaming droplets of Bermuda sand.