Finn Wilson *Photo supplied
Finn Wilson *Photo supplied

A young skateboarder is hosting an event to raise funds to build a skate park in Bermuda.

Finn Wilson will celebrate his 13th birthday on Saturday and on Sunday and he is inviting the public to head down to number one car park on Front Street for his birthday party.

The party will feature skateboarding demos and the opportunity for any one to skateboard. And at the same time, it will raise money for the Bermuda Urban Park Association charity. There will be a $5 charge to skateboard and the event will be held all day until 5pm.

His mother, Suzanne Wilson, said: “There will be all the ramps and railings set up from early in the morning and anyone who loves to skateboard or even try it out with the crew are welcome to come.

“All he asks are for donations that will be collected to help build the skateboard park.  

“The aim is to get just enough so the area designated for the park can at least be smoothed first, so that every skateboarder has a safe place to skate.”

Finn explained where the idea came from.

“I used to have a rail so I had many demos with my friends. I thought I may as well go all out and asked Mr (Darren) Booth at The Booth to help. I thought it would be a good idea to raise funds for the skate park.”

Finn said he is looking to raise as much money as he can, hopefully a few thousand dollars.

“I guess enough to even smooth out a place and put the rails for a skate park.”

Finn said these events don’t happen very often and he’s hoping at least 40 people come out to either skate or watch the demos.

“I’ve been skateboarding on and off over the years since I was three, but last year March, I started getting serious about it.

“It kind of feels like freedom, kind of cruising around. No one can tell you what to do in a sense.” Finn hopes his mom will make a cake for the event and says there may be drinks available. He also that the more experienced skateboarders will help the newcomers to get into it so that they don’t feel intimidated.

Finn thanked Mr Booth for providing the rails for the event and helping skateboarders in Bermuda. Finn will be making a video of the event and posting it on his YouTube Channel. In order to find the channel, go to and type Finn Wilson into the search box.