FRIDAY, JANUARY 25: Mass fly tipping at an industrial estate has prompted green groups to call on islanders to take more responsibility for their trash.

Earlier this week the Bermuda Sun revealed how airport bosses had been forced to close the Gate 1 site bordering the runway because fly tipping had made it a hazard and an eye sore.

Now Greenrock and the Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) have urged those responsible for illegal dumping to take some pride in the island.

Judith Landsberg, President of Greenrock, described the dumping at the Gate 1 site as “an eyesore, a health hazard but also a waste of resources”.

She added: “We have paid for those resources to be mined, processed, manufactured into a computer or stove, and shipped to us and then we just throw them away.

“This is like taking dollar bills out of your pocket and burning them.

“The solution is not just better fencing, but better education and an awareness on the part of the people who are doing the dumping that this is costing them money.”

She told the Sun: “We advocate “cradle to grave” responsibility for appliances and electronics; which in Bermuda would mean that whoever imported the equipment would be responsible for picking it up and disposing of it when it no longer functions.”

Airport bosses told the 12 tenants at the Gate 1 site last week they will have to move out before the major clean-up project is undertaken.

The area will be fenced in securely and completely cleared as part of the initiative to preserve the
airport’s safety and security.

BEST chairman Stuart Hayward said education and enforcement were vital to reducing illegal dumping.

He added: “As costs go up and incomes take a hit we are likely to see more deliberately irresponsible disposal.

“It’s a good time for heightened vigilance and a crack-down on trash-dumpers. It’s a great opportunity to re-build pride in Bermuda.

Mr Hayward told the Sun: “Not enough of us feel responsible for our waste

“We need more consumers who purchase with durability and recycling in mind.

 “We need education about low or no-waste consumption

“We need a loop-hole free waste disposal legislation and camera-assisted monitoring combined with no-nonsense enforcement of anti-littering and illegal-dumping laws

“And children should be encourage not to litter at home, at school and when they are at other groups like sports clubs and churches.”