Annual Mangrove Hallows was held in Mangrove Bay on October 26. *File photo
Annual Mangrove Hallows was held in Mangrove Bay on October 26. *File photo

Our September 2013 EEZy Does It! feature focused on Partnering for Success.  

We informed readers about two key community and business development events that would be held in Somerset to round out 2013; firstly, our Annual Mangrove Hallows which was held in Mangrove Bay on October 26 and, secondly, our Manchester Street Christmas Bazaar which was held on December 14 and 21. 

Within both events the SEEZ worked with key Somerset stakeholders to achieve successes.  Mangrove Hallows wouldn’t be all it has grown to be without our co-partner Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard. 

Likewise the 1st Annual Manchester Street Bazaar wouldn’t have happened without the heroic efforts of the Hidden Treasures Vendor Market executive as managers of the event.     

In 2014 the SEEZ will focus on galvanizing the best of all we have learned within a clear plan for our month-to-month work efforts. 

We will publicly communicate that plan and most importantly, be guerilla-like to help invested stakeholders as well as any other interested parties participate in Somerset’s business growth and development. 


We’re excited about Somerset’s business development opportunities this year! Here are two of the SEEZ’s 2014 projects which will be presented alongside other initiatives at our first 2014 Seminar to be held in February.   

 The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) Investment / National Tourism Plan. The BTA is having Experience Workshops on January 30 and 31 to inform attendees of how to best apply for Tourism sponsorship / investment.  Note the quick turnaround: Successful applicants will be announced March 21st!  

The SEEZ encourages entrepreneurs to register and step up now to carve out their share of the Tourism economic pie through ventures in Somerset.  

The SEEZ continues to promote a number  of untapped enterprise opportunities, all currently begging to be creatively polished and brought to the forefront — Somerset opportunity destinations like Long Bay, Mangrove Bay, 9 Beaches, Walking / Cycle Tours, and a public Wharf just to name a few.  

Over the next two months the SEEZ will host a series of seminars to help interested parties design the best proposals/business plans in an effort to secure BTA investment for the betterment of Somerset. 

Cup Match. The Somerset Cricket Club (SCC) always does a fantastic job in making their event enjoyable for all persons attending when its held there.  

The SEEZ wishes to meet with any entrepreneurs or vendors that are interested in making their Cup Match presence more profitable.  

We can act on any number of levels with event stakeholders and partners to ensure best win-win outcomes.  

Let’s start talking, planning and acting now for new levels of dynamic Cup Match business in Somerset.  

In closing, there are at least a dozen other significant stakeholder events worthy of noting on a master 2014 Somerset Calendar for all to diarize and of course, early event stakeholder planning.   Let’s all continue to plan our work and work our Somerset plan.  

William Spriggs, CMA is the Somerset Economic Empowerment officer at the SEEZ Office, located on the ground floor of the Prince Albert Lodge Building on the Somerset Main Road in Mangrove Bay – call 292-5570.