The Flying Colors Fat Tire Massive mountain bike race season returns to Dockyard on Sunday — a year after its stormy debut.

The competitors who showed up to brave the elements in 2012 included racers as young as four.

The near gale force winds almost blew the riders backwards heading up to the old Casemates prison along the concrete paved rampart where a very brief respite from the weather was felt while whooshing down the central hall. The riders then launched out the north exit, down two flights of steps, around abandoned boats and back on to the windy straightaway heading to Commissioner’s House. 

Returning with the wind was slowed by the mulch along the track. 

Most spectators were positioned around the cannons overlooking north shore on the eastern side of the course. 

A big drop off and sharp right near the dolphin grotto brought the riders  back on the short sprint to the finish line. 

This Sunday, hopefully under more pleasant conditions, the season returns and more than 110 riders will find an updated route which includes runs through two of the old prison buildings and a possible view of the local sheep! Despite the spectacular surroundings, steep climbs and hairpin turns, the second race of the series is possibly the least technical and the long straightaways and smooth climbs could allow the ‘roadies’ a good chance to surge ahead in the points standing.

Tougher terrain awaits the hardcore dirt lovers in upcoming terrain.

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Chris Smith is the PR officer for the Flying Colors Fat Tire Massive mountain bike series.