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*Photo supplied

Dockyard’s colourful and eye-catching new children’s playground was officially opened yesterday. It includes a 70-foot green moray eel wrapped around a 21-foot lighthouse and slide that has been specially built to look like the St David’s lighthouse.

The playground, which was designed by the award-winning Danish firm Monstrum, also features sea grass, climbing poles and a discovery sand pit made in the shape of the Keep Fort.

Big fun

Elena Strong, curator at the National Museum, said: “It was fun to work with the designers to come up with something that is completely unique to Bermuda and fits well in the historic setting of the Museum. In this digital age, it is important for children to get outside, be physical, play and explore, and the National Museum couldn’t be a better place to do it as it is housed in a 19th-century fort.”

The Museum Playground is Dolphin Quest.

And it will soon be joined by a new Museum Playhouse that has been designed by Bermudian artists and designers Russell DeMoura and James Cooper of Fungus Collective.