*Photo supplied
*Photo supplied

I am not a watch guy. 

I haven’t worn one on a regular basis for at least 16 years even though I own two watches.

The Booth gave me the opportunity to test out a blue metallic Casio G-Shock that was Bluetooth-enabled.

The watch came with an instruction manual, but quite frankly, it was so small that it was difficult to read. Instead, I went to the G-Shock website for instructions on how to sync the watch.

In order for the watch to work you need either an iPhone 4S, iPhone5s or iPhone 5c, a Samsung Galaxy Note3 or Galaxy S4 or an iPad that is using at least IOS 5. 

The Bluetooth function allows you to get instant notification of incoming e-mails on your mobile device. It can also send you alerts when you get notices on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.

You can also use the function to send you alerts for calendar events. 

Owners can set the G-Shock to vibrate or beep. 

To be honest, I didn’t find that very useful for my purposes, although others may want that instant notification right there on their wrist.

The Bluetooth function can also sync with your mobile music library and I did enjoy being able to have that.

I ended up purchasing the watch, but more as a fashion accessory than as a tech device. I wouldn’t buy another G-Shock that was Bluetooth enabled, but I am planning on purchasing at least one more to colour co-ordinate with some of the shirts that I wear.