Natural: One of the works by the student artists. *Photo supplied
Natural: One of the works by the student artists. *Photo supplied

Students and staff at Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation have collaborated on an exhibition that will take over the whole of the Bermuda Society of Arts gallery.

The Kaleidoscope Student-Staff Art Show is its most comprehensive show to date. 

There will be art in almost all mediums. They take inspiration from many international artists including American pop artist Wayne Thiebaud, Swiss/German painter Paul Klee and the African Senufo people. 


A large, ongoing art installation piece will be erected in the main exhibition space providing an interactive experience in addition to the main art work. 

The art work created by staff and students aged between four and 12 years old was created during recent art classes and camps. 

Each piece demonstrates the multi-step creative process students are taught at the gallery. 

KAF founder and director Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts said: “How can we teach students to think outside the box if our teachers aren’t taking those artistic leaps themselves? Not only are they taking these leaps, they are encouraged by fellow staff and they use each other as sounding boards. We consider KAF to be a conducive environment for risk taking and collaboration.”

Some teachers will have a few pieces on show though two in particular will have much larger collections to exhibit. Corrina Rego and Jerome Stovell will show very different works in the Edinburgh and adjoining galleries. Stovell has fused traditional and digital art techniques while Rego has created more than a dozen mosaic pieces that repurpose sea glass, slate, china plates and even old keys and pennies. 

Rego said: “The inspiration for my show pieces actually came out of the lesson planning for our Art and Me programme and exposing children to the mosaic medium.”

Teacher Amanda Harkness is planning a display of graphically manipulated digital photography complete with a Quick Response code so viewers can hear her musical inspiration through a cell phone app. 

The Kaleidoscope Student- Staff Art Show opens at BSoA tonight from 5pm to 7pm and runs until June 2.