Darren Booth* Photo by Sarah Lagan 
Darren Booth
* Photo by Sarah Lagan 

An unoccupied space at the new Washington Mall will be transformed into a skateboarder’s paradise ­tomorrow evening for a one-off free event.

The empty shop space next to The Booth will have a quarter pipe, grind rail and other obstacles for anyone interested in boarding to enjoy.

Darren Booth, owner of clothes and sports store The Booth, came up with the idea to use the as yet unoccupied retail space downstairs in the new Washington Mall — it is the second time he has organized such an event.

The first time was six weeks ago to mark the opening of his store which sells skateboards and skateboarding clothes and accessories. Some 60 skateboarders turned up to that event and Mr. Booth believes there is a great demand for a permanent skateboarding area. He also hopes to set up a skateboarding association in Bermuda.

He told the Bermuda Sun: “The idea of Saturday is to get everyone who comes who is interested in skateboarding to sign their names and give me their e-mails so we can form the Bermuda Skateboarders Association again — it was formed 10 years ago but nothing really happened with it. The Corporation of Hamilton is very interested in providing a permanent skate area (near Bull’s Head car park) but the financing would have to come from those involved.

“There is a great demand for skateboarding in Bermuda. I’ve sold about 65 skateboards in the last six months and they are not toys — they are all $75 and upwards.

“Adrian Kawaley-Lathan and the (former Culture) Department are also working to make this happen.”

The event takes place this Saturday from 5pm to 9pm next to The Booth downstairs in the new Washington Mall — a 6,000 square foot open space.

Under 18 year-olds need to get the parents or a guardian to sign a waiver form before skating. 

For more information call: 505-7890.