Michael Brangman, left, and Alex Dill explain the benefits of the Go Explore Bermuda app. *Photo by Don Burgess
Michael Brangman, left, and Alex Dill explain the benefits of the Go Explore Bermuda app. *Photo by Don Burgess

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31: You are probably more familiar with the Ultra Concepts Group of Companies than you think.

If you have used Cheapskate Bermuda website to print a money-saving coupon, you have used an UCG company.

If you have downloaded the Go Explore Tourism app for your mobile device, you have used a company in the UCG family.

It would be easy to drive past the building UCG is nestled in along North Shore and not notice they are there, but the company is pushing ahead when others in this economy are retreating.

Located across the parking lot from SeaView Fitness Centre, UCG has eight employees.

Its umbrella companies include: New Atlantic Media, Cheapskate Bermuda, Go Explore Bermuda, UCG Business, Ideal Solutions, Go Explore St Lucia.

Alex Dill, project coordinator for New-Atlantic Media, said the location, is still close to Hamilton and has space for customers to park.

Mr Dill said: “It’s funny, but it’s quicker and easier for people to come here than travel across town.”

Michael Brangman, business development associate, said the companies under the UCG umbrella can handle a variety of business.

“One of the main things UCG business does, is we manage other companies. We manage their payrolls, their call centres, we can do their marketing. We can do all the departments that are in a large organization for a small company, that they can’t really have.

“As a result we can save them up to 50 per cent, if they had to go and do this themselves.”

The company has garnered attention this year with the launch of its Go Explore Bermuda app.

It held many meetings and parties with the Department of Tourism, St George’s and WEDCO to help get the word out.

Mr Brangman said: “We’ve met with all the major tourism players and they love the application.”

Go Explore Bermuda is mobile app that lists tourist attractions and businesses.

Mr Brangman said both “tourists and locals alike can download for free and allows them to navigate the island. This is a revolutionary concept, which really hasn’t been used in Bermuda. It’s used all over North America and the rest of the world, so why not bring it to Bermuda so we can bring it to our guests?

“We believe it will become an integral part of promoting the island that aren’t really visible to tourists, but with this application they can find out about them, learn how to get there and patronize them.

“Everyone benefits ultimately.


“This is also great for expats when they first come to the island and this will help them get around and allow them to get adjusted to island.

Mr Brangman said while the app is free UCG makes money by allowing businesses to be put into the information database on the app.

“They can have a photo or a video or audio for their business. They can put their phone number, which can be dialled directly through the application. There are Twitter and Facebook links as well, which is done directly through the business.”

He said part of the appeal of the apps for businesses is if they want to have a special or they need to change their information, it can be done in five to 10 minutes and be visible to people using the Go Explore Bermuda app.

Cheapskate Bermuda is one of a handful of websites in Bermuda including bermuda.com/deals and bermydeals.bm, that are reaching out to customers for retailers.