WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27: CellOne today announced the launch of new sharable data plans which allow customers to share their existing Smartphone data plans with their tablets for  $9 per month per device.

These plans are the first of their kind in Bermuda and are part of CellOne’s exclusive line-up of rate plans which offer Bermudians the most value on the island.

“When we launched our popular SharePlans last year where you can add people to share your minutes and text messages for only $9/month, the response was tremendous,” said Frank Amaral, chief operating officer at CellOne.

“Today’s world is moving towards data connectivity and everyone’s getting iPad’s and Tablets, but signing up for a separate data plan is an expensive option. We thought we could help make it more affordable so now for only $9/month again, customers can add their tablet to their existing Smartphone plan and share.”

Data Sharing is available on CellOne’s 1GB, 3GB and 7GB Smartphone plans and customers can add another two devices to their Smartphone plan. All data works on Bermuda’s largest and fastest 4G network with theoretical speeds up to 21 MB per second.

“In these tough times, it’s difficult for people to shell out an extra $45 or $75 per month just to have their tablet always connected,” continued Mr Amaral. “But at $9, we think this is an affordable option for the convenience of constant connectivity. These plans are just another way CellOne is differentiating itself from its competitor by bringing customer’s more value.”