Digicel CEO Wayne Caines *File photo
Digicel CEO Wayne Caines *File photo

7PM UPDATE: Digicel is – and has always been – supportive of the introduction of number portability in Bermuda. In fact, Digicel has been working very closely with both the Regulatory Authority and the key industry players to ensure that a practiced and professional experience is delivered to all customers in Bermuda.

Over the past number of months, the entire Digicel Bermuda team has been working around the clock to ensure it delivers the best and most seamless switching experience to all customers come Monday 3rd March and, is now fully on track – and looking forward – to doing so.

Digicel Bermuda CEO, Wayne Caines, said; “At Digicel, the customer experience is at the very heart of everything we do. As such, we have been working really hard to ensure that with the introduction of local number portability, we can deliver the most seamless experience possible. And, from Monday March 3rd, we will be doing just that! In addition, we have been listening to our customers and what they want and we have a special offer to announce in support of LNP for both current and new customers on Monday.”

6PM UPDATE: Digicel has informed the Regulatory Authority this evening, at  approximately 5.45, that it would after all be ready to introduce Number Portability on Monday, 3 March, together with the other carriers. 

The  Authority is pleased with this development, and thanks everyone concerned for their hard work to be ready for this date.

The Regulatory Authority would like to remind the public that Number Portability for mobile to mobile is set to start on Monday 3rd March.  From this date onward all mobile customers will have the ability to keep their numbers when changing carriers. In preparation for the implementation of number portability, many of Bermuda's carriers had to make changes to their networks. The Regulatory Authority would like to thank all carriers for their work in the last year on this matter.  

Digicel has written to the Regulatory Authority requesting an extension of four months within which to implement number portability. The Authority declined Digicel's request, citing the detrimental effect an extension would have on the public, who have been expecting number portability since August and on the other carriers who have worked to meet the stated Monday launch date.

Digicel has signaled an intention to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court.  At the time of writing this notice the Authority had received no notice of official court action. The Regulatory Authority will be monitoring the situation and informing the public accordingly.