As hurricane season approaches, Digicel Bermuda is holding timely seminars on Disaster Recovery as a Service, which it says will help businesses maintain their continuity even through dire circumstances.

The main speaker will be Michael W. Branco, Business Solutions Director for Digicel Bermuda. As an experienced Disaster Recovery practitioner, Mr. Branco has assisted with disaster recovery locally, including a nationwide blackout and businesses destroyed by fire.

“The idea of disaster recovery is not new,” stated Mr. Branco. “The old-fashioned method was to manually back up data and physically move it to another location. Disaster Recovery as a Service uses cloud technology to simplify and automate this process while actually cutting costs for the company.”

With DRaaS, data and applications are stored and mirrored off-site and can be accessed via the cloud. Business data is stored in an off-site data centre, which has its own authentication processes and firewall protections to prevent intrusions. All backups are compressed and encrypted for additional safety. There is no need for IT personnel to physically transport backups or manually rebuild servers.

“Digicel Business operates its DRaaS platform across multiple data centres in Bermuda, the region, and offshore jurisdictions,” stated Mr. Branco. “This allows our customers to replicate data locally and keep it protected at the Digicel data centres of their choice, both in Bermuda and abroad.”

Mr. Branco continued, “At the seminars, we will explain exactly how DRaaS works so that people can fully understand the benefits and why it is so critical to have a disaster recovery solution in place before something happens.”

The free seminars will be held at the Digicel Business Solutions Centre on the 4th floor of Washington Mall Phase II. Attendees may choose one of two sessions:

Wednesday, May 7 – 5:30-7:00pm

Thursday, May 8 – 5:30-7:00pm

Please email to secure your spot as space is limited. Refreshments will be served.