Launch: Jeff Baron and PinkSand Entertainment owner Jonathan Tankard officially open the business. *Photo supplied
Launch: Jeff Baron and PinkSand Entertainment owner Jonathan Tankard officially open the business. *Photo supplied

A new full-service entertainment company has launched in Bermuda and will be the new one-stop shop for all things events.

PinkSand Entertainment is run by Jonathan Tankard who himself is a musician.

Asked exactly what the company is, Tankard said: “PSE is a full-service Bermuda entertainment company specializing in artist management, corporate and private events, weddings, event consulting, and media production.

“PSE focuses on the development, production, and marketing of Bermudian artists in the local entertainment and tourism industries. PSE’s mission is to increase the quality, exposure, and selection of live entertainment in Bermuda. 

“We also aim to find an avenue for our artists to successfully share their talents to the right audience.”

Asked where the idea came from, Tankard said: “While studying for a business degree in entertainment business, I looked at the model for entertainment in Bermuda and realized the disconnect between the creative development and business acumen needed to have success.

“The goal of PinkSand was to better provide local artists of creative art with the opportunity to advance their ideas by providing the necessary development of their product, marketing, and administration to grow and succeed.

“In addition, we knew that the business community, tourism, and overall culture of Bermuda would benefit from entertainment products developed with international business and creative standards.”

Tankard said PinkSand offers artist management, booking agents, event consulting, event production and media production.

As far as the kinds of events that are in line with the company, he said: “We handle any event that our artists are hired to perform at or that we are contracted to supply entertainment.  

“Typical events are corporate parties, weddings, and concerts.”

Tankard said as far as rates go, he works with the client’s budget to determine a suitable price.

Currently, PinkSand has contracts with Sia Spence, Latosha Codrington, Cindy Smith, Jelani Simmons and visual artist Carlos Santana Trott.

“We also have great relationships with over 40 artists and musicians from various genres who we can book.

“Also, it is important to note that we don’t only represent musicians, but all types of artists including visual artists and speakers.”

Asked what he would say to encourage potential clients to book with PinkSand, Tankard said: “We would tell them that quality entertainment is an key part to a successful event.

“It can often determine how successful or profitable you are. 

It is best to hire experts in the field so that you can leave it with us and focus on other things knowing the entertainment is taken care of.” 

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