Guernsey star Tobyn Horton *Photo by Simon Jones
Guernsey star Tobyn Horton *Photo by Simon Jones

Guernsey star Tobyn Horton took gold in the men's road race this morning. 

He cruised to victory in an incredible time of 2:49:40 after making a decisive break in the last kilometer. 

Horton told the Bermuda Sun that a couple of training sessions he had done in a green house back at home came in handy when dealing with the hot weather. 

He told the Sun: "I have competed in Delhi and places like that before, but the weather was a big factor.

"As a team we did not want to go out too hard and it worked out well. 

"It's been pretty warm back home recently and that helped too.

"I'm very proud today. I love putting on the green and white and representing Guernsey. 

"I was born there and I grew up there so this means a lot."

Guernsey also picked up the team gold medal. 

Torkil Veyhe from the Farrow Islands took the silver, while Andrew Roche from the Isle of Man won the bronze. 

Bermuda's men performed admirably over the tough course in difficult conditions.

Shannon Lawrence was top of the local tree coming in 13th place in a time of 3:00:01. 

Johan Vivier came 15th and was followed by Geri Mewett and Dominique Mayho who places 19th and 20th respectively. 

Ryan O'Shea finished in 23rd place.