TUESDAY, JULY 26: KeyTech Limited is pleased to announce the following changes in our Board, which were approved at the Annual General Meeting on Friday, 22nd July, 2011.

Mr. Colin Williams retired as a Director of the Company, having been with the Board since 1997.

Subsequently, Ms. Alison Hill and Mr. E. Michael Leverock were appointed to the Board.

Ms. Hill is the Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group. 

Prior to joining Argus she spent eight years as the Chief Operating Officer and Operations Director of HBOS European Financial Services in Luxembourg, Maastricht and Heidelberg. 

Mr. Leverock was a cofounder of Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd. (d.b.a. CellOne) and served as Chief Operating Officer of that company from January 1996 to May 2009.

He also serves as Chairman of the Bermuda Professional Engineers Registration Council and is also the present Chair of the Bermuda Energy Commission.  Mr. Leverock’s other board appointments are comprised of local companies as well as independent directorships for Bermuda domiciled offshore funds.

Dr. J King, Chairman of the Board said, “We welcome the appointments of both Ms. Alison Hill and Mr. E. Michael Leverock and recognise the contribution their expertise will lend to the Board.” 

Dr. King continued, “Our sincerest thanks to Mr. Colin Williams for his many years of service to KeyTech.”