Green Wash managing director Owen Millett with his new product — a waterless washing agent. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Green Wash managing director Owen Millett with his new product — a waterless washing agent. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

A new mobile car detailing service aims to clean up — with a hi-tech internet booking system and a new eco-friendly waterless washing agent.

Now Owen Millett, managing director of Green Star, is on the hunt for car cleaners and sales staff with a view to expanding into the Caribbean.

He said: “What we use to clean the car is an organic solution which can go on all parts of the vehicle. It’s waterless and four in one — it washes, polishes, waxes and seals.”

He added: “We’re looking also to expand throughout the Caribbean. We looking to hire people for car cleaning because we expect a lot of people to utilize the service as well as sales staff to help expand into the Caribbean.”

Mr Millett said: “In terms of job opportunities, nobody’s hiring and people are getting laid off. This is a good way for making money until the industry they are in comes back on line.” 

The Green Star service uses a product created in New Jersey, which offers a fast way to keep people’s wheels gleaming.

Mr Millett said: “We have an appointments-based website, where people can make an appointment to have their car cleaned and mobile devices can also be used. Membership is free — people who sign up can utilize the service and also order the product online for home use.”

Mr Millett added the inspiration for the business idea came after he looked at existing car wash services. 

He said: “I was looking at how Bermuda likes to have their cars clean, but don’t necessarily have the time to do it themselves.

“The services that are provided round the island, you often have to wait in line before your car is cleaned. But we will be able to clean your car thoroughly and quickly if someone books a clean when they’re having lunch at the Hamilton Princess for example.”

He added that — as the product is eco-friendly — it can be used anywhere without fear of polluting the environment and a full exterior service could take as little as 30 minutes.

Mr Millett said: “We can help keep your car clean and the planet green.”

The product — which can also be used inside the car, although Green Star only offers an exterior service, can be bought from Green Star for $50 a bottle or through Autobahn on North Shore Road, Pembroke, or Zippy Zone in Laffan St, Pembroke.

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