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A terrific response to last week’s archive photo.

Among those who called with information: Tony Martin, Dennis K. Fox, George Swan, Les Center, D.W. Whitehead, Marsha DuBois, Betsy Rogers, Gerry Desio, Patricia Finnerty, Warren Dyer, ‘D G’, Barbara Hooper, Rose Robinson, Norman Hodson, Rebecca Paynter, Corene Smith, Robin Spencer-Arscott, Sharon Armstrong and two unidentified callers.

The ‘lucky fella’ was American jazz singer Mel Tormé, ‘The Velvet Fog’, surrounded by beautiful ladies at The 40 Thieves Club in Hamilton.

Norman Hodson informed us that this was actually the opening night of the club (which he and Terry Brannon opened together) on March 15th, 1962.

Mr Tormé was the headline act on the jam-packed evening, performing to over 400 people. He brought with him a group of dancers from the Latin Quarter club in Manhattan, New York (however, they are not the ladies in the photo).

Mr.Hodson also told us that the mural in the background was one of a range of images from the story ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’, painted by a Mrs Musson and Arthur Cooper.

Sadly, we still don’t know if any of the fine ladies surrounding Mr Tormé were from Bermuda or had followed him from overseas. If you can help, drop me a line at

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