Last week’s photo: a ZBM commercial for Anacin

Alana Skinner, Pamela Skinner and Chic Moniz provided valuable information about last week’s photo.

This was a commercial for Anacin on ZBM in the late 1950s or early 1960s. The gentleman in the centre of the photo has been identified as Dave Cartner, and the show is ZBM’s ‘Junior Club’.

The children were apparently from Dellwood School. However, only the tall blonde girl on the left has been identified so far — as Pamela Skinner. Mr Carter used to put on children’s talent shows on Saturdays, and Miss Skinner’s tap dancing won her the role on the advertisement.

Pamela’s sister Alana Skinner also thought that the little boy and girl on the right of the photo were brother and sister. 

Can anybody else help to identify the kids? Drop me a line at — or call me on 278-1880. 

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