Calico Jack's, now open at Dockyard, is Bermuda’s only floating bar. *Photo supplied
Calico Jack's, now open at Dockyard, is Bermuda’s only floating bar. *Photo supplied

Sea dogs and landlubbers alike are invited to party at Bermuda’s latest hideaway — a floating bar in the form of a pirate ship. 

Calico Jack’s is moored up next to the cruise ship terminal in Dockyard and opened this weekend after months of preparation. Formerly an old Bermuda ferry, the ship was completely renovated to look like a pirate ship and has been named after one of the only true pirates to set foot on the island. 

Behind the operation is Brent Slade, Docksiders owner Reid Young, and Charles Crisson, with Nicole Lindo as general manager. 

The ship has fully stocked upper and lower deck bars and can hold around 200 guests. There is a full stereo system on board with capability for a DJ and even a small band. While the bar is now officially open, it will be running at full capacity by Saturday. 

Slade told the Bermuda Sun: “A portion of it is based upon experiences at ‘Willy T’s’ — William Thornton’s, a famous bar down on Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. We bought an old ferry from Marine and Ports and completely renovated it — we tore out the sides, welded new steel and aluminium and completely refurnished it so there is no way you would think it used to be a ferry.  

“There has never been anything like this on the island — I think someone tried to do a floating restaurant and bar but never a ship like this. It’s more of a fun, upbeat bar vibe — we will play some reggae and island type music and we hope to be open seven days a week.”

Calico’s has its own signature cocktail called Grog which combines Gosling’s rum with exotic fruit juices. 

Asked who is the target audience, Slade said: “We hope that the busy nights we might see locals are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are big nights for the cruise ships. We think our location will be a boom for tourists and give them something else to do but we hope it will go down well with locals as well.” 

Some 16 Bermudians have been hired to staff the operation, including porters, managers, bar tenders and servers. The bar is expected to be open from 10am until 3am during peak times. 

A working ship of about 80 feet, Calico Jack’s is also available for private charters and tours.