Police cordoned off the murder scene at Riviera Crescent. *Photo by Danny McDonald
Police cordoned off the murder scene at Riviera Crescent. *Photo by Danny McDonald

Police are searching for two men in connection with a Southampton murder that saw the 29-year-old victim flee, bleeding from gunshots wounds, into his home Wednesday night.

Erin Lee Richardson was shot multiple times near his 16 Riviera Crescent house that he lived in with relatives, around 10:45. Mr. Richardson was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Now, police are on the look-out for two males — one tall and one short — who were dressed in dark clothing astride a motorcycle described as having a quiet engine  —  in connection with the slaying.

“What is very important is anyone who has seen or heard any motorcycles in that area, on the railway trail, travelling in the easterly or westerly direction, please get in contact with us,” said Detective Inspector Dave Greenidge, who is spearheading the investigation. “That in itself would give us important information.”

A motive for the crime had yet to be established, police said. Police have said they’ve already collected forensic evidence from the scene and a forensic autopsy has been scheduled.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro batted down rumours that an assailant had pursued Mr. Richardson into his own home after shooting him outside. There’s no information to suggest the shooter actually went inside the residence,” he said at a press conference. “We don’t want people to think there are people running into people’s residences. We believe the incident itself occurred outside.”

Police declined to say how many times Mr. Richardson was shot, how many shots were fired or who else was at the home on 16 Riviera Crescent, saying they did not want to compromise the investigation.

MP Leah Scott, whose constituency includes Riviera Crescent, said she did not know what it was going to take to make these young men “see that killing each other is not the answer, it’s not the solution”. She added: “They’re seeking some form of affirmation or validation but they’re looking for something when the one thing they really need is love and validation.”

Shadow Public Safety Minister Michael Scott had similar thoughts.

“Another senseless death from gun violence and another reminder that we have far to go towards bringing a final end to the shootings and the death on our streets,” he said.

“With every life we lose, the potential for the victim to grow, change and make a positive contribution to our island is shattered. Bermuda cannot afford to keep losing our young Bermudian men to gun violence.

Mr. Richardson had run afoul of the law in the past.  Last December, he, along with another man, was in court facing allegations they had assaulted a man in his Paget home with the intent to rob him. Mr. Richardson denied the allegation at the time. 

A judge required them to wear an electronic monitoring device and adhere to a curfew. 

The previous December (2012) he was in court facing a charge of receiving stolen goods. 

In 2010, Mr. Richardson was charged with stealing a woman’s Blackberry.