Police Open Day 2011 *File photo
Police Open Day 2011 *File photo
21 April 2010

In October the Bermuda Police Service will celebrate 135 years of policing during Police Week 2014, with several community related events scheduled.

In tribute to the many police officers that have been involved in various aspects of Bermuda life while on duty and in their own personal time, residents are encouraged to submit any photos they may have showing positive police community interaction over the years.

Copies of appropriate images should be e-mailed to pmr@bps.bm including the sender’s name, a general description of the photograph, the date it was taken and the name of the police officer(s) shown if possible.

Selected submissions will be featured on the official Bermuda Police Service (BPS) website and BPS social media network leading up to this year’s celebrations.

Details of upcoming Police Week 2014 events will be announced at a later date.