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The Town of St. George’s is celebrating its 402nd birthday on Friday July 11, from

6-10pm with “PLOUGH – A Summer’s Evening in the Olde Towne”.

The volunteer organiser, Kristin White, said, ‘We often acknowledge 1609 as the year Bermuda began, and definitely the stories of the survivors of Sea Venture shipwreck who were able to thrive in Bermuda until their departure in 1610 was a catalyst. And so in July 1612 a community of people arrived on a ship called ‘The Plough’, and settled in St. George’s. Four hundred and two years later, here we are!”

Ms. White says that the goal is to celebrate all that makes Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage Town unique and special. St. George’s is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the New World.

The night will include special reenactments and tours at the museums, and other historical sites, including Globe Hotel, Mitchell House, and State House, plus events in stores, actors roaming about the town in period dress, and a closing performance by the Bermuda Regiment Band and the Bermuda Island Pipe Band at 9pm. A $10 wristband will get you access to the entire event.

Kristin explains the pricing, “Earlier this year we visited Colonial Williamsburg and saw that, while folks could walk throughout the town freely, they needed a purchased pass to visit special exhibits and performances. And, because we need to raise money for the museums in St. George’s and cover some of the Plough costs, we decided we’d do a similar thing. Everyone should feel free to come and walk around the town, go into the stores, and see the performances that will be on the street. But to access the museums, you will need the $10 wristband. And the net proceeds from the wristbands will be split between all the museums.”

The wristbands will be for sale in St. George’s at the World Heritage Centre, Mitchell House and at the St. George’s Visitor Information Centre on King Square.

People can also purchase wristbands in Hamilton at the Visitor Information Centre at Albouy’s Point ferry terminal.

She concludes, “People talk about St. George’s being ‘dead’, and definitely the changes to the tourism sector have affected us here in the East End. But we are staying optimistic. Entrepreneurs, museums, the Corporation of St. George’s, The Bermuda Tourism Authority and community groups are banding together to create events and programmes to bring residents and visitors to the town. So for Plough we are celebrating our town, and our ‘never-die’ spirit that has kept us going for over four hundred years.”

This event is sponsored by Bermuda Department of Tourism, Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, TOPS Limited and Orasi Group and supported by the entire town of St. George’s.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/stgeorges.bermuda.revitalize and click on Events, or call Kristin White at 705.1838.