*Video by Danny McDonald

With whoever committed the murder still at large, tensions rose at the homicide scene when a man describing himself as a family friend arrived at the house yesterday morning.

The man had entered the yard of the property at 16 Riviera Crescent and was on the wrong side of the police tape.

What had been a sleepy and quiet morning in the neighborhood — broken only by the occasional rooster crow and passing vehicle — turned testy in a hurry as an argument ensued between the family friend and police. The man raised his voice while police tried to calm him down. 

The police wanted to know why he entered the yard from the side when the home was clearly demarcated as a crime scene by the caution tape and the nearby police presence.  

“I’m no criminal’

The man had parked up the road and walked to the entrance of the home from the side of the property, past the rusting pieces of weightlifting equipment in the yard. 

His presence in the doorway of the home triggered the police to duck under the police tape and ask him to step out of the yard. They had not seen him approach, apparently.

Police patted him down. His palms were on the hood of the police car. 

His wallet and keys were taken out and placed on the hood. One police officer examined his driver’s licence.

“That’s the way I come in,” said the man, who was not identified. “This place is like a second home to me.”

He added:  “I am not a criminal…there are ways to do things and there are ways not to do things,” he said.

Ultimately, he was allowed to go on his way.

Afterward, one of the uniformed police said, “This is a crime scene. We are here to secure the crime scene. You can’t just walk into a crime scene like that.”