Top right: Former editor Adrian Drummond at the Sun’s old offices on King Street *Photo supplied
Top right: Former editor Adrian Drummond at the Sun’s old offices on King Street *Photo supplied

When were you with the Sun?
March 1986 to September 1991

Your job title?
Reporter/sub-editor, then editor from early 1988

Fondest memories?
When I joined, the Sun was still located in offices in King Street next to the fire station. Creaky wooden floors, back issues piled high, and clouds of cigarette smoke wafting across from the desk of Tomasina ‘Tommy’ Fountain, the shipping reporter, mingling with my own output. Not sure it would meet today’s health and safety requirements!

Worst memories?

Awkward Friday morning phone calls with the late Sir John Plowman, the chairman, if a story had upset a big advertiser or other vested interests.

Any funny moments that stand out in your memory?
The Christmas party was always fun. There was also the time when a member of staff made off with the Police Commissioner’s hat at the boxing do. Can’t say any more about that as the statute of limitations has still not run out.

What do you miss about Bermuda?

In no particular order: Meatball subs for lunch from the Trattoria shop, friends, crisp winter days, my Honda 90, Paradise Lake, Friday night all-nighters at the Squash Club, South Shore, Hinson’s Island, Amstel beer, my little orange boat, North Shore, Cup Match, Tuesday night “fun runs” from the Botanical Gardens, Thursday night feasts in Prego’s on Church Street after putting the paper to bed (we only published on Fridays then), the sea, the ferry, the phrase “what’s happening”, Bermuda Day, Sunday brunch at the Waterlot, the Sun, the sun.

Your current job?
Assistant Sports Editor, The Times

Where do you live?

Near Petersfield, in Hampshire

Family of your own?

I married Sheila in May 1987 at Marsden Memorial Church in Smith’s and we had our reception at Ariel Sands with all the Sun staff. Daniel, our elder son, was born in Bermuda in 1989. Matthew arrived shortly after we left. Still hoping to celebrate our 30th anniversary there.