EFFECTIVE: Eco-friendly products at Medical House.
PHOTO BY KAGEAKI SMITH EFFECTIVE: Eco-friendly products at Medical House.

When it comes to cleaning products the prevalence of chemicals restricts green options for many consumers.

But at Medical House Ltd, Big 3 Packaging’s eco-friendly ‘PAK-IT’ products will enable you to clean effectively without adding to environmental waste.

The liquid cleaning pouches dissolve completely in water and save on storage space by cutting down on the need for bottles, jars, cans or aerosol sprays.

Medical House stocks PAK-IT cleaning pouches for glass, floors, bathrooms and vehicles. It also has an all-purpose degreaser.

The Big 3 Packaging website says the pouches contain a concentrated cleaning solution which removes “the need for organic salts, including phosphates, reducing waste volume”.

“Many of our solutions are DfE (US Department of Energy) and Green Seal certified,” states the company.

Mickey Robinson, Medical House Ltd owner and managing director, said: “It’s hard to find a balance between effective cleaning products and protecting the environment.

“But these chemical water-soluble pouches are quality cleaning products which completely dissolve in water.

“They are safe and easy to use. You simply drop the packs into spray bottles, buckets, floor or carpet care machines. Each makes up about a quart.”

Medical House also stocks a range of paper products to help you and your company/organization ‘go green’.

It is the sole stockist of Wausau Paper products on the island, and customers can purchase green or non-green paper hand towels, toilet rolls, tissue paper or household paper towels.

Mr Robinson said: “Wausau offers both options so the customer can choose either way.

“The paper quality is superb. We also offer controlled-use dispensers, which control usage in order to minimize waste. This all helps the environment.

“We like to give consumers a choice, whether they are eco-friendly or not.

“Our experience at Medical House is that people with a ‘green’ consciousness are green all the way, while other consumers aren’t that concerned and will buy whatever they prefer.

“It’s like recycling — some people are really into it but others’ don’t bother.”

However he said green awareness is building in Bermuda.

“It’s an evolving process, slowly but surely,” he said.

Medical House stocks Wausau Paper’s Dubl-Nature and EcoSoft range of toilet paper, facial tissues, household paper towels and commercial hand dispenser towels.

Both brand products are Green Seal-certified, which means they are made from 100 per cent recycled materials and have recyclable packaging.

They are also manufactured by companies that adhere to social responsibility guidelines.

Medical House also sells Wausau Paper’s OptiSource Instant Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Soap.

Both products, for soap dispensers, are non-drying for the hands.

Mr Robinson said: “Our hand soaps are extremely popular in hotels, office buildings and other business establishments.

“They are top-of-the-line soaps. They are pleasant to use, with a nice odour and don’t dry out your hands.

“Wausau Paper soaps and paper are popular commercial products, for businesses and institutions, but are also appropriate for the home.

“They’re as green as you can get for the cleaning products industry.”

Medical House provides customers with a free soap or paper towel dispenser which can be upgraded if you switch your product.

Mr Robinson said: “We will replace your existing dispenser(s) at no cost. So, if you want to move to a more controlled-use system to minimize waste, we can do that without any cost to you.”

Medical House’s commercial client list includes King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, nursing homes, GP and dental offices, and physicians.

Medical House Ltd, 22 Mill Reach Lane, Pembroke. Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm; late opening Wednesday until 6:30pm; Saturday, 9am-3:45pm. Contact 292-3622 or log onto the website at