Killed: Murder victim Garry Cann Jr. was a keen motocross racer. *File photo
Killed: Murder victim Garry Cann Jr. was a keen motocross racer. *File photo
“It’s like fighting the demons every day”. This is Garry Cann Sr.’s frank assessment of 2010.

It is exactly a year since his beloved son, Garry ‘Fingaz’ Cann, was murdered outside his girlfriend’s home in Sandys.

His killer is still at large and his loved ones are struggling to come to terms with their loss.

Detectives say Garry Cann Jr. was involved in the deadly war between gangs.

But his family maintain he was looking for a way out and wanted to get back to what he did best, motocross racing.


On the eve of the anniversary Mr. Cann Sr. told the Bermuda Sun he was praying for a peaceful Christmas.

He said: “This last year I have been struggling between what I know God would expect from me and what my heart tells me to.

“There have been times I wanted to take the law into my own hands.

“Seeing a young man’s expectations dashed like that is hard to deal with and it still hurts now. But then I realize it is not for me to act.

“Every day is a struggle and it feels like this happened just yesterday.”

Mr. Cann Sr. admitted his son was going through “trials and tribulations” at the time of his death but maintains he wanted to get on with life.

He said: “Police talk about gangs but as far as I know he was just hanging with people who he grew up with.

“In the weeks leading up to his murder he told me people wanted to kill him. But I knew he had plans to get back into racing and wanted to get into interior design.

“He said he had one case he was dealing with then he’d get out.

“Gangs used to be groups of guys who defend each other. I cannot understand the level it has got to today. The people involved in it now, there does not seem much point in talking to them.

“They just pick up a 9mm and that is cowardly to me.

“I just want everyone involved in my son’s life to find peace.

“A lot of people are still hurting, a lot of his friends. I would like to see Bermuda settle and I hope Christmas will stay calm.

“I hope the police can find the evidence to get the guy who did this to my son.”

Mr. Cann Jr.’s mother, Ruby Creary, said: “It has been a rough year. I miss him all the time, especially on Saturday morning when he used to come to my house for pancakes, eggs and bacon.

“I have lost faith in the investigation — I have left it up to the Father. There is no need for me to hate the person who did this or want him dead.”

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Pedro told the Bermuda Sun the investigation is still “live and active”.

He added: “This is by no means a cold case and we are still doing everything we can to move it forward. Officers are still working on this case and we believe it is  still very solvable.

“Mr. Cann was known to be a member of the Parkside gang and the fact he was in an area associated with another gang could be one of the reasons he was targeted.

“There could still be someone out there with vital information about this case and I urge anyone with any information to come forward.”

Anyone with information can call the Serious Crime Unit on 299-8106 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477.