Jailed: Kayla Renee Nicol *Photo by Kegeaki Smith
Jailed: Kayla Renee Nicol *Photo by Kegeaki Smith

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 26: A Canadian woman was jailed for three years for smuggling cocaine into Bermuda.

Kayla Renee Nicol, 22, of Scarborough, Ontario pleaded guilty last week to conspiring to import $48,750 worth of the drug.

She was arrested after admitting to Customs officers she had 200 grams of cocaine concealed in two latex condoms inside of her.

Nicol was promised $5,500 to transport the drugs. The money was to assist her mother with renovations on her home.

Today in court, Crown counsel Cindy Clarke told the court Nicol had not cooperated with her office in providing any additional information about the drugs.

Ms Clarke suggested a sentence of three to five years.

Nicol’s lawyer, Ken Savoury said his client had been fearful to divulge information.

“I start by saying as far as assistance to the Crown, this is a case where the defendant is not completely refusing to cooperate but she is concerned about the safety of her family if she gives information.

“She said she wishes to cooperate but she is concerned about the safety of her family.”

He continued: “This is a young girl who fell in the trap of the drug world.

“She has pleaded guilty to conspiracy but her role was to just bring the drugs to the country under the promise that she would be paid $5,500.

“She was a drug mule and that was her role.”

Addressing the court, Nicol said: “When I did what I did, I wasn’t thinking about the consequences and the effect it would have on my life.

“I was only thinking about helping my family.

 “I realize that it’s wrong and I should have used better judgment.

“I just want to say that I am sorry.”

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo sentenced Nicol to three years in prison.

The court heard at an earlier hearing Nicol arrived from Canada on January 16.

She cleared immigration but was selected for a secondary search when she reached Customs.

Before the search, Nicol told the officers she had drugs on her and during the strip search pulled them from inside of her.