Cleaning woman smoked joint

A cleaning woman who was caught smoking a joint was fined $800.

Sommer Palias Ming, 23, of Berkeley Road, Pembroke admitted possessing 0.60 of a gram of cannabis on June 14.

Crown Counsel Shakira Dill told the court that police saw Ms Ming walking along Canal Road, Pembroke smoking the drug.

Her handbag was found to contain a small amount of the drug as well.

Senior Magistrate, the Wor. Archibald Warner fined her $800 and gave her until April 28 to pay on pain of 80 days’ imprisonment.

Supermarket thief said he ‘was hungry’

A repeat offender was jailed for stealing cash from a supermarket.

Junius Carmen Caines, 37, of Happy Valley Road, Pembroke pleaded guilty on Monday to stealing a $50 note from a cash register at the Shopping Centre on Friday.

Crown Counsel Shakira Dill told the court that Mr. Caines went to the register when the cashier had it open and snatched the bill.

Restrained after a struggle with staff, Mr. Caines reportedly said that he was “just out of prison” and needed work. According to court records, Mr. Caines was imprisoned for three years in November 2002 for stealing $5,000 in similar circumstances.

“I spent two weeks filling out applications for a job,” he told Senior Magistrate, the Wor. Archibald Warner, “and I was hungry.”

Duty counsel Rick Woolridge characterised the act as “a moment of desperation and indiscretion” and asked for probation or a suspended sentence. Mr. Warner gave Mr. Caines the maximum six months in jail with two years’ probation afterwards.

Three teenagers to stand trial over possession of cocaine

Three teenagers denied a serious drug offence and will stand trial in the summer.

Maurico Atkins, 19, of Scenic Heights, Southampton; Quan Marley Lowe, 18, of Sunnyside Park, Southampton; and Keishaun Majors, 19, of Swansbay Hill, Pembroke, appeared in Magistrates Court on Monday..

They pleaded not guilty to possessing an undisclosed amount of cocaine on September 3 in Pembroke when it was intended for supply.

Senior Magistrate, the Wor. Archibald Warner released the three on bail of $10,000 each and one surety each.

He set their trial for June 26 — Mr. Lowe’s birthday.