A self-confessed drug dealer found with almost $140,000 worth of crack cocaine has been jailed for four years after police raided his house.

In addition, he forfeited $23,000 in U.S. and Bermuda cash associated with his trade in drugs.

Michael Benjamin, 23, of Loyal Hill Pass, Devonshire, who has a previous conviction, admitted possessing 461.75 grams of crack cocaine worth $139,150 on October 25 when it was intended for supply.

Its purity varied between 75 and 83 per cent.

He also admitted possessing weighing scales, a razor blade, scissors, pieces of brown paper and plastic sandwich bags for the misuse of drugs.

Crown Counsel Cindy Clarke told the court that narcotics officers detained Mr. Benjamin at Middle Town Lane, Pembroke after a foot chase and struggle.

He led them to the wrong address, she said, and the detectives had to locate the house themselves.

Inside they found 40 twists of the crack and $2,000 in Mr. Benjamin’s computer room and 16 twists of the drug with $21,000 in a living room safe.

The paraphernalia were found in Mr. Benjamin’s bedroom and the computer room.

In a later interview, Ms Clarke said that Mr. Benjamin admitted “intending to sell the cocaine” which he had bought for $30,000.

He also reportedly admitted “selling cocaine for approximately a year” and that the cash represented “the direct result of selling cocaine”, while the other items he used to “store, cut up, weigh and package the cocaine.”

The prosecutor told magistrate, the Wor. Khamisi Tokunbo that Mr. Benjamin was sentenced in 2000 to corrective training for importing cocaine.