MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19: The PLP has unveiled Anthony Richardson as their candidate for the Devonshire South Central parliamentary seat.

Mr Richardson, the former chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board,  told a press conference this morning that he would “knock on every door” in a bid to win the seat.

He said: “I think I bring to the table the average Bermudian.

“I am a relatively young person and think I have the same concerns as the average Bermudian.

“I hope people will realise I am here to represent the PLP because my concerns are the same as theirs.

“I have two young children and a tremendous impetus to work for the next generation so that Bermuda can move forward.”

The by-election follows John Barritt’s resignation last Thursday and will be held on November 1.

Mr Richardson will be up against Craig Cannonier, the leader of the One Bermuda Alliance.

Mr Richardson added: “We have to reach out and give people a hand up rather than a hand out.”