A pervert who subjected a woman to a terrifying sex attack has been jailed for five years.

Andre Castle groped the 43-year-old woman's breasts after pushing her down a dark alleyway in St. George's.

Mr. Castle befriended his victim as she left a concert in Tiger Bay at around 11pm one night in August, 2007.

He told her, "I can't let a lady walk by herself" and offered to accompany her while she tried to catch a taxi.

The pair walked towards King's Square, where Mr. Castle suddenly grabbed the woman's arm and pulled her into a stairwell.

The woman later told officers that Mr. Castle punched her in the face as she desperately tried to break free.

She claimed that the 26-year-old brute pinned her to the ground, took her clothes off and groped her.

She described to police how he grabbed her around the neck while she pleaded with him to get off her.

The woman, who can't be named for legal reasons, lashed out at Mr. Castle by hitting him in the chest during the struggle.

She then took her chance to escape his clutches when he fell back and was recovering from the blow.

She ran to the bus station and called the police.

Mr. Castle of North Shore Road, Hamilton parish, was arrested soon after the sex attack.

He had scratches on his body and when police interviewed him he answered "no comment" to all their questions.

But material found beneath the woman's fingernails matched Mr. castle's DNA.

He later pleaded guilty to sexual assault.

Yesterday at the Supreme Court Mr. Castle was jailed for five years - which will be followed by three years on probation.

Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves said: "He poses a real risk to society... likely to commit further offences.

"Society ought to be protected from him.

"The sentence needs to include deterrence and rehabilitation to stop him from being a continuing menace to society."

The court heard that Mr. Castle had two convictions for indecent acts.

In December 2008 he sexually assaulted a young woman in the St George's area - in very similar circumstances.

He was later jailed for a total of nine months for the offence.

Prosecutor Auralee Cassidy read out a victim impact statement to the court.

In it Mr. Castle's victim said: "I feel I will never again be the same person as I was before this happened."

Ms Cassidy said that since the attack the victim had lived in fear and relived the assault on a daily basis.

She told the court that immediately after the attack the victim felt unable to leave home or care for her family.

Mr. Castle's barrister Shade Sabir told the court that her client did not accept punching the woman or pinning her to the ground.

Ms Sabir said Mr. Castle only admitted grabbing the woman by her arm and groping her.

When asked if there was anything he wished to say Mr. Castle said: "I would just like to apologise to the court and the lady for my actions. I am remorseful for what I did."